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  • Active Self Protection
    You Decide Was This Self-Defense Against Armed Robbers or Murder
    Honest question for you: was this self-defense, or was it overstepping into murder? It’s an important part of Active Self Protection​ to think through what we would do if armed robbers attacked us, and when we have to break contact and not pursue anymore....
  • Active Self Protection
    Barista Beats Up Armed Robber
    Do you think that she should have fought this guy? Given the outcome, I certainly think that she practiced good Active Self Protection​! Original video of the armed robber biting off more than he could chew: What does this ...
  • Active Self Protection
    Terrorist Attacks Security Guard On Camera
    I wish that every video we received was a happy ending. This one is not. This is why we train and encourage EVERYONE to practice Active Self Protection​ in their life, and hope that even in brutal attacks by a terrorist like this, we can learn lessons and...
  • Active Self Protection
    Dad Stops Armed Mugger
    The first person to put shots on target usually wins, so could you have put shots on target in this real-life situation? This is when your Active Self Protection​ needs to be in high gear! Original video of the mugger: What...
  • Active Self Protection
    Cashier Fights Off Armed Robber
    Sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good! To practice Active Self Protection​, we want to minimize our personal risks while maximizing our protection. How would you have done that in this clerk’s shoes? Original video of the armed robber getting bea...
  • Active Self Protection
    Employees Fight Back During Restaurant Robbery
    Given what you see here, do you think these employees should have fought back against this robbery, or did it place them at too great a danger? Thinking about your Active Self Protection​ means knowing when to fight and when you don’t have the skills and ...
  • Active Self Protection
    Proof That Even a Shotgun Isn't an Instant Fight Stopper
    Imagine yourself in this defender’s shoes: you’re sure the shotgun is incredibly effective, and then he doesn’t do what he’s supposed to! How does your Active Self Protection​ stack up when Plan A doesn’t work? Original video of the shotgun coming up i...
  • Active Self Protection
    Customer Takes Down Robbery Suspect in Pharmacy
    Would you have intervened if you were the customer? I think it’s important to our Active Self Protection​ not only to have attitude and skills, but also a PLAN for when we will intervene in a third-party circumstance. This customer took decisive action in...
  • Active Self Protection
    Lunatic Attacks Two People Back To Back
    How would you have handled the first attack? I think the second one was probably easier from an Active Self Protection​ standpoint, but the first one is not so easy in reality! Original video: News story with details of th...
  • Active Self Protection
    Officer Shoots and Kills Suspect Who Shot His Partner
    No matter how nice you are, or how much verbal judo you practice, sometimes you just gotta win a gunfight to survive. These officers practiced Active Self Protection​ in coming out alive from this one! Original video and news story of the officer invo...
  • Active Self Protection
    Victim Takes Revenge On Mugger On Camera
    I totally understand the anger behind this guy’s actions, everyone. But practicing Active Self Protection​ means thinking long-term and recognizing that Original video and news story of the mugger and victim: What does thi...
  • Active Self Protection
    Attempted Murder Of Policeman Caught on Camera
    Have you ever tried to put shots on target like this officer had to? On time, one handed, fast? He did great at practicing Active Self Protection​ and staying in the fight, and his encounter teaches CCW and LEO alike! Original video of the officer invo...
  • Active Self Protection
    How Would you Respond If You Were A Bystander
    There weren’t good guys in this confrontation, but there WERE plenty of bystanders to think about. How would you have practiced Active Self Protection​ if you were in this attack? Would you draw on the perp? Run? Original video and news: https://get-as...
  • Active Self Protection
    Armed Robber Stopped By Hot Coffee
    Have you thought about what you would do if you had stuff in your hands when an armed robber threatened you? I think this clerk did a pretty good job of covering his Active Self Protection​ and handling the armed robber the best way he could! Original ...
  • Active Self Protection
    Bystander Takes Armed Robber Out
    Do you think he acted at the right time against this armed robber? I say he practiced pretty good Active Self Protection​ to defeat those guys and protect himself and the clerks safe! Original video of the armed robber getting the Hong Kong Phooey: htt...
  • Active Self Protection
    Iraq Veteran Clerk Fights Off Armed Robber
    Would you have shot this armed robber with his own gun? The armed robber made a mistake by targeting a convenience store with an Iraq veteran for a clerk whose Active Self Protection​ was on point! Original video of the armed robber getting a two piece...
  • Active Self Protection
    Assassination Caught On Camera
    Honest question: do you use your mobile like this in public? Think about what that means to your Active Self Protection​, how it impacts your ability to know your environment, and see how close someone can get to you before you realize it! Original vid...
  • Active Self Protection
    German Shopkeepers Turn the Tables On Armed Robbers
    Does it surprise you that a shopkeeper in Europe could use a firearm to defend his shop? It surprised me, honestly, but Active Self Protection​ exists all over the world! Original video and news story of the armed robbers: ...
  • Active Self Protection
    Brutal Assault and Batter Caught on Camera
    This is real-life and armed robberies like this assault happen on our streets. I hope your Active Self Protection​ is up to the task when the moment comes, but recognize that THIS is what you may need to protect yourself from. Original video of the ass...
  • Active Self Protection
    Customers Take Down Armed Robber
    Would you have taken this armed robber down, or just complied and hoped for the best? We suggest practicing Active Self Protection​ because it gives you the option to stop the armed robber if you choose! Original video of the friends stopping the armed...