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  • Max Michel (Official)
    The rimfire match went great as I won while shooting a 60.44 total time and setting a new #ussteelnationals record I believe. Great competition and no time to rest. Out to shoot the Production match today with the Sig Sauer #P320
  • Max Michel (Official)
    Working on an amazing photo shoot for Sig Sauer and the #P320. My little girl stopped by and made her way into the shoot. She's admiring the pics of her cute little self. #daddysprincess #cutechica #coolestjob
  • connie grim
    found gun district from your videos!!
  • Max Michel (Official)
    Happy holidays to all of my Gun District friends from the Muchel family!
  • Max Michel (Official)
    New episode just dropped!
    "Behind The Gun": Easy & Hard Exits (Episode 7)
    This week, Max gives us some helpful tips on incorporating movement with shooting and staying on target on this episode of “Behind The Gun”. This is one in a series of videos by World Champion Shooter, Max Michel. Don’t forget to check out all of Max’s v...
  • connie grim
    Got my second sig today p938 in green!!cant wait to shoot!!!!
  • Max Michel (Official)
    My new video for this week's "Behind The Gun" just dropped and it's a FUN ONE!
    "Behind The Gun": Hollow Point vs. FMJ (Episode 4)
    Hollow point or full metal jacket? Max explains on this episode of "Behind The Gun" along with destruction of a Thanksgiving meal! (Legally Armed America, on behalf of Max Michel, made a monetary contribution to a local food shelter to help the hungry d...
  • Max Michel (Official)
    It just dropped!  Check out my newest video on choosing a concealed carry firearm.
    Behind The Gun: "Choosing A Concealed Carry Gun" (Episode 3)
    Choosing a concealed carry firearm is an extremely important decision. On this episode of "Behind The Gun", Max explains some things to look for when making that choice. This is the third in a series of videos by World Champion Shooter, Max Michel. Do...
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    • Paul Glasco
      Matt Zimmerman Thanks for your time max!!!! Great vids, keep'em comming!!!!!!
      • · November 18, 2015
  • Max Michel (Official)
    Here's this week's episode of "Behind The Gun" that just dropped tonight!
    Behind The Gun: "The Draw" (Episode 2)
    The draw. Max explains how to quickly get on target with proper grip on this episode of "Behind The Gun". This is the second in a series of videos by World Champion Shooter, Max Michel. Don't forget to check out all of Max's videos here on YouTube and ...
  • Max Michel (Official)
    In case you missed it, here's the first video from my new show "Behind The Gun" that debuted last night.  Let me know what you think!
    Behind The Gun: "Get A Grip!" (Episode 1)
    The grip. Arguably the most important part of shooting a firearm. Without the grip, everything else is off. Max gives some great tips to what he's done to maintain a championship grip on this episode of "Behind The Gun". This is the first in a series ...
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    • Paul Glasco
      Laura Evans Looking forward to more!!!
      • · November 5, 2015
    • Paul Glasco
      Clarence Heinly III dry fire training  right now looking forward to putting some down range great video 
      • November 13, 2015
  • Max Michel (Official)
    The premiere episode of my brand-new show "Behind The Gun" drops this Wednesday at 7 PM CST. I am so proud to be working with Legally Armed America on this new show!

    Here's the teaser vid:
  • Max Michel (Official)
    Happy Halloween to all my Gun District  friends out there! Be safe and have fun.
    Speed Pumpkin Carving with Max Michel
    World Speed Shooting Champion, Max Michel, accepts kids' challenge to carve a pumpkin . . . speed style.
  • Max Michel (Official)
    Back working hard in the gym with resistance bands and awkward positions in preparation for the Kentucky state championship this Friday.
  • Max Michel (Official)
    Great shoot with Legally Armed America today!
  • Max Michel (Official)
    Had a great time hanging with these 2 shooting legends @dougkoenig1 and  ‪#‎ TGO‬  at the  ‪#‎ USPSA‬  Prod Nationals. The field was so deep this year it was an accomplishment to finish 8th overall. I'm not happy with it...  more
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    • Paul Glasco
      Alpha Koncepts Max what are you shooting now for production? A 320?
      • August 10, 2015
  • Max Michel (Official)
    The best holster available for the  Sig Sauer  P320 is now in stock at Max's Choice! Quick release, wide range of adjustments and durability makes this holster a winner.
  • Max Michel (Official)
    A sneak peek from an upcoming Legally Armed America video shoot we did today.
    Hostage shot w/ Max Michel at 50 yards
    If you are ever in a hostage type situation 50 yards from Max Michel, give him one practice shot and his second shot will sever the brain stem. (This is a sneak peek at an upcoming Legally Armed America video.)
  • Max Michel (Official)
    Had a great day battling with these guys at the  ‪#‎ proam‬ . In order of finish left to right... My self, Dave S., Jamie S., and Leagar M. I was fortunate enough to win the title knocking down 252 targets! Shannon Smith also shot well and...  more
  • Max Michel (Official)
    Here's a pretty cool video from a video shoot yesterday with Legally Armed America.  Fun stuff!  Stay tuned for some really cool stuff we're working together on!
    If Max Michel shot you, this is what it would look like.
    Have you ever had the misfortune of being on the business end of a bad deal with an IPSC World Champion? Here's a little fun we at Legally Armed America had with Max Michel shooting some interesting camera angles and shots. You can follow Max on Gun Dis...
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    • Paul Glasco
      Robert Henze Hmmm Kinda scary
      • August 26, 2015
  • Max Michel (Official)
    Greetings, Gun District members.  This is my first trip here and I love it so far.  I'll be working with the Gun District and Legally Armed America guys on some cool projects, so you'll be seeing a lot of me on here.  So, what do you all like about Gun District?