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  • Robert Cromwell
  • Aleksander Sh
    anyone interested in slide fires?

  • Sameh Faltas
    Hello Everyone,

    I'm new to Gun District. I' also an 07 FFL and I'm looking a CNC shop to help me with my patent pending idea for the AR15 platform. Any advise?
  • Grab-N-Go! AR-Rifle-Holder
    Excited to have our product review appearing in the Guns And Ammo AR15 magazine which is hitting the newsstands this month.
    https://gundistrict.com/grabngo /> or www.grabngo.us
  • Ammunition Junction
  • Cory Martin
    Hey guys, I'm the operations manager at Tyrant Designs CNC. We are new to gun district as of today and I thought it would be worth mentioning that our new mini vert grip is now available for sale on our website. I look forward to seeing how this...  more
  • Rey Antonio
    Dissipator build
    LAR Grizzly lower
    DPMS lpk
    DPMS Dissipator upper assembly
    MagPul rifle length fore end grip
    Rock River Arms Operator fixed stock
    MagPul quick detach sling swivel
    MagPul MIAD pistol grip
    KNS .052" front sight post
    Specter two-point...  more
  • Rey Antonio
    varminter build
    Sacramento Black Rifle(JD Machine) lower
    Bushmaster XM15 Varminter upper assembly w/24" fluted bbl and float tube
    MagPul PRS stock
    CCMG lpk
    Command Arms Accessories UPG grip
    SWFA SS 10X42 scope with mildot reticle
    SWFA S.S.A.L.T....  more
  • Greg Hemmings
    Thanks for the add! Ray Adkins pointed me this direction and I'm glad he did! Thanks man! Also, I Picked up this complete lower at Safeside Tactical today! It's made by Matrix Aerospace...they make various weapons for Raytheon and the US military. Has a...  more
  • Jesse Sell
    So is this normal wear for a AR 15 rifle, i have had several & never noticed wear like this in them.
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    • Jesse Sell
      Kent Ward I did a quick check, this wear is not the same on my uppers. I do have wear but it is more even and "farther"
      • December 9, 2016
  • James Jessen
    6.5 Creedmoor AR10 target gun. 24" match grade stainless barrel, NIB bolt carrier, 3lb trigger. 4-16 Vortex scope, sniper stock, bipod and much more. Great, accurate gun. Looking to get $2900. Will entertain reasonable offers.
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    • James Jessen
      Adam Marks Can you share some of the specifics for the components (stock, barrel, BCG, scope, mount, receivers...)? There is a huge cost/value difference in the various brands of "match grade barrels" and different levels of "vortex scopes".
      • August 14, 2016
    • James Jessen
      James Jessen Hi Adam, I will be happy to get you some more specifics when I get back home. If you would like, you can email me at jdhunter11@hotmail.com or facebook me James Jessen DC. This site seems very confusing and difficult to use, so communication might be easi...  more
      • August 15, 2016
    • James Jessen
      James Jessen Well I cant find the make of the barrel. The only thing it says on it is "X-Caliber" at the end of the barrel. If you would like to look it over, let me know. I will get more info listed on here when I can. Thanks for looking. 
      • August 17, 2016
    • James Jessen
      James Jessen Luther Stock, MI upper furniture. NIB bolt carrier, X-Caliber Match grade stainless barrel. 3lb match trigger.
      • August 22, 2016
  • Jesse Sell
    Here is now my PSA/Anderson build
    upper is PSA premium M4 upper
    16.1" Ultra light 416 r stainless steel 1:7 twist 5.56 NATO barrel with ArPro muzzle brake
    PSA 13.5" Key mod Handguard with BCM key mod rail covers
    UTG Pro key mod rail/ UTG...  more
  • Cooper Corley
    300 blackout CMMG AR-15 assembled by T&S Gunsmithing. CMMG upper, CMMG LGT Lower, Midwest extended keymod rail, BCM Gunfighter charging-handle, CMC traditional curved trigger group, KNS roll pins, Magpul grip, Magpul Stock, Magpul Bad-lever, SSO...  more
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    • Cooper Corley
      Cooper Corley
      • · June 16, 2016
    • Cooper Corley
      Cooper Corley
      • · June 16, 2016
  • Ben Shoffner
    I believe I'm going to do an AR pistol in 556 with the brace I think it's time. Anyone have any advice regarding PSA from Palmetto?
  • Chad Embrey
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