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  • Aleksander Sh
    anyone interested in slide fires?
  • Sameh Faltas
    Hello Everyone,
    I'm new to Gun District. I' also an 07 FFL and I'm looking a CNC shop to help me with my patent pending idea for the AR15 platform. Any advise?
  • Grab-N-Go! AR-Rifle-Holder
    Excited to have our product review appearing in the Guns And Ammo AR15 magazine which is hitting the newsstands this month.
    https://gundistrict.com/grabngo /> or www.grabngo.us
  • Cory Martin
    Hey guys, I'm the operations manager at Tyrant Designs CNC. We are new to gun district as of today and I thought it would be worth mentioning that our new mini vert grip is now available for sale on our website. I look forward to seeing how this...  more
  • Rey Antonio
    Dissipator build
    LAR Grizzly lower
    DPMS lpk
    DPMS Dissipator upper...  more
  • Rey Antonio
    varminter build
    Sacramento Black Rifle(JD Machine) lower
    Bushmaster XM15 Varminter upper assembly w/24" fluted bbl and float tube
    MagPul PRS...  more
  • Greg Hemmings
    Thanks for the add! Ray Adkins pointed me this direction and I'm glad he did! Thanks man! Also, I Picked up this complete lower at Safeside Tactical today! It's made by Matrix Aerospace...they make various weapons for Raytheon and the US military. Has a...  more
  • Jesse Sell
    So is this normal wear for a AR 15 rifle, i have had several & never noticed wear like this in them.
    • RAE Industries likes this.
    • Jesse Sell
      Kent Ward I did a quick check, this wear is not the same on my uppers. I do have wear but it is more even and "farther"
      • December 9, 2016
  • James Jessen
    6.5 Creedmoor AR10 target gun. 24" match grade stainless barrel, NIB bolt carrier, 3lb trigger. 4-16 Vortex scope, sniper stock, bipod and much more. Great, accurate gun. Looking to get $2900. Will entertain reasonable offers.
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    • James Jessen
      Adam Marks Can you share some of the specifics for the components (stock, barrel, BCG, scope, mount, receivers...)? There is a huge cost/value difference in the various brands of "match grade barrels" and different levels of "vortex scopes".
      • August 14, 2016
    • James Jessen
      James Jessen Hi Adam, I will be happy to get you some more specifics when I get back home. If you would like, you can email me at jdhunter11@hotmail.com or facebook me James Jessen DC. This site seems very confusing and difficult to use, so communication might be easi...  more
      • August 15, 2016
    • James Jessen
      James Jessen Well I cant find the make of the barrel. The only thing it says on it is "X-Caliber" at the end of the barrel. If you would like to look it over, let me know. I will get more info listed on here when I can. Thanks for looking. 
      • August 17, 2016
    • James Jessen
      James Jessen Luther Stock, MI upper furniture. NIB bolt carrier, X-Caliber Match grade stainless barrel. 3lb match trigger.
      • August 22, 2016
  • Jesse Sell
    Here is now my PSA/Anderson build
    upper is PSA premium M4 upper
    16.1" Ultra light 416 r stainless steel 1:7 twist 5.56 NATO barrel with ArPro muzzle brake
    PSA 13.5" Key mod Handguard with BCM key mod rail covers...  more
  • Cooper Corley
    300 blackout CMMG AR-15 assembled by T&S Gunsmithing. CMMG upper, CMMG LGT Lower, Midwest extended keymod rail, BCM Gunfighter charging-handle, CMC traditional curved trigger group, KNS roll pins, Magpul grip, Magpul Stock, Magpul Bad-lever, SSO...  more
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    • Cooper Corley
      Cooper Corley
      • · June 16, 2016
    • Cooper Corley
      Cooper Corley
      • · June 16, 2016
  • Ben Shoffner
    I believe I'm going to do an AR pistol in 556 with the brace I think it's time. Anyone have any advice regarding PSA from Palmetto?
  • Chad Embrey
    www.mymilitia.com - the ultimate militia resource
    How To Spam - The Complete Spamming Guide
    Written By: A Professional Spammer with 15 years experience...  more
    My Militia - The Ultimate Militia Resource
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