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  • lawren michael
    Dark Earth Smith & Wesson M&P 40 w/Extras - .40 SW
    Text me 240) 408-5745 or pm me
  • Bill Rottenberger
    I see that Ruger has come out with a 9mm version of the SR1911.
  • Mark Webb
    PAY ATTENTION FOLKS! Obama and his anti-gunners are at it again!
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  • Scott Murdock
    Anyone own the LC9s & have you bought the 9 round magazine?. Are you happy with it?
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    • Scott Murdock
      Ed Spalding I have and they seem to work fine. Carry them in a pouch for reloads.
      • · April 13, 2016
    • Scott Murdock
      Don Hall I carry the lc9s pro daily plus two 9 round mags. No problems with gun or mags. Love it
      • · April 23, 2016
    • Scott Murdock
      Mark Webb I bought the Ruger factory replacement magazine made in USA, not Italy and not the ProMag knockoff. I have been very satisfied with it. Stands to tall in my IWB holster so I keep two 7 round mags up front + 1 in chamber and the 9 rounder in a Remora...  more
      • · August 1, 2016
  • Mark Webb
    I am VERY IMPRESSED with this new high-tech quality ammo! I especially like the weight reduction from the 115 gr JHP to this lower 84 gr bullet! The weight reduction has indeed resulted in less felt recoil! This is very important to me, as one of my...  more
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    • Mark Webb
      Mark Webb Next-gen self-defense technology. The innovative R&D laboratories at PolyCase Ammunition would like to introduce you to the Inceptor ARX line of self-defense technology. Designed to be both reliable and precise, each round is injection molded from...  more
      • · April 7, 2016
    • Mark Webb
      Mark Webb Can you tell which hits are from ARX rounds?
      • June 11, 2016
    • Mark Webb
      Mark Webb
      • June 11, 2016
  • hall william
    MODEL: 19 Gen4
    price: $455
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    • hall william
      Chris Walden Surely you don't still have you?
      • · September 7, 2016
  • Mike Walsh
    I'm looking for a lc9s pro with the shimmer gold cerakote slide. If any of you know someone who is selling one please put me in contact with them.
  • Jeff Freeman
    My Ruger SR1911 Commander.
  • Mark Webb
    Has anybody tried out the new Ruger ARX ammo yet? What are your impressions / thoughts?
  • Ian Hall
    Does anyone know of some good aftermarket sights for a Ruger SR1911? Combat/night sights would be ideal, but fiber optic would be nice too. Thank you.
  • Paul Grotti
    Few of my favorite things
  • Roger  K
    I luvs me some/lots/any/all Rugers.................Actually, my name is Roger, but pronounced Rue-gerh...(Ruger)..... LOL
  • John Allen
    Question, is a Ruger Mini 14 laminated stock stainless steel worth $650 ? has papers no box safe queen doesn't have the scope rings is 8 or 9 years old. looking to buy it and don't want to spend a lot more than it's worth. thanks for your help.
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    • John Allen
      Ed Spalding Suggest you check Gun Broker for comparisons.  New at Wal-Mart, blue, wooden stock, is around $750 + tax.  I don't need another one or I would be interested since it is stainless steel.
      • · February 13, 2016
    • John Allen
      Loren Ulrich I would say in great condition. 650 is a good price
      • February 14, 2016
  • bobby tanner
    here is one of my rugers.
  • bobby tanner
    thanks for the add
  • Tony Lawson
    My sr1911
  • Kevin  Desjardins
    My SP101
  • James Carbley
    My washing machine.