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  • Defining the Arrow:


    Last week we discussed the various parts and styles of
    bows. This week we will be taking a look at arrows and the science and history
    behind these nifty little projectiles; before we can get to all the fun and
    games though...  more
  • It’s a Bow Thing:


    Bows can be broken down into three main groups: Long Bow,
    Recurve Bow, and Compound Bow. Each style of bow has its strengths and
    weaknesses and that is what we are going to discuss today.


    The Long Bow

    The...  more
  • Archers Ready!


    For the month of October we will be looking at the
    marksmanship sport of archery.  This is
    an overview of the various topics that we will be discussing this month.


    The Webster American English Dictionary defines...  more
  • Do you hear that?


    Hearing is a one of our most precious senses and it must
    be protected.  Sounds are rated at
    decibel (dB) levels, a unit used to measure the intensity of sound or digital
    signal. The higher the decibel sound the louder the...  more
    How to Choose Shooting Earmuffs: Selection Guide
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    • Mary Ann Paczkowski
      Charles Cherry Nice article thanks.
      • · October 1, 2015
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    • Mary Ann Paczkowski
      Charles Cherry I was surprise to see that a .44 was louder than an AR having had to fire one inside a building. Speaking of environment, do these levels change when measure outdoors vs. indoors?
      • October 1, 2015
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  • Marksmanship in the Classroom
    for Sore Eyes


    all forms of marksmanship one must take into consideration eye protection.
    Between the combination of sending projectiles flying at high velocities of
    speed and the debris associated with...  more
  • Marksmanship in the Classroom
    In marksmanship there are various areas of the body that
    needed to be protected depending on the sport. 
    During this week we will be exploring how to protect hearing, sight and
    touch while practicing and learning about various marksmanship skills.

    ...  more
  • Marksmanship in the Classroom
    The fourth rule of marksmanship is “Everyone is a safety


    What this means is that no matter whom you are if you see
    something unsafe you need yell “CEASE FIRE!” It does not matter if you are two,
    twenty-two, ninety-two, on the...  more
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    • Mary Ann Paczkowski
      Charles Cherry I like the demostration of learning based on age.
      • · September 16, 2015
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  • Marksmanship in the Classroom
    Third rule of marksmanship: Keep your finger off the
    trigger until you are ready to fire.


    This rule is worded different ways, but they all mean the
    same thing. One’s finger should never enter the trigger guard area until your
    sight is on the...  more
  • There are four cardinal rules of marksmanship and I would
    like to spend some time this week talking about how these rules apply to both
    the field and the classroom.


    Let’s begin by starting with the very first rule, the
    golden rule, of...  more
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  • Marksmanship in the Classroom
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