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    Hey all here is a little stop motion fun, using a HEXMAG Magazine of course!
    A fun little video for you! :D pew pew pew pew pew pew pew !!! YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/1shotkillitmediallcofficial Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/1shotkillitmedia/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/1shotkillitLLC Instagram: https://instagram.c...
  • Hexmag
    We received the latest (December 2015) issue of  Ballistic magazine  the other day, and while flipping through it there is a 2 page spread of the new  Cobalt Kinetics B.A.M.F. rifle .
    While we weren’t the featured ammunition magazine that was used...  more
    Hexmag and Cobalt Kinetics rifle - Hexmag
  • Breakthrough Clean
    Great to see some familiar faces on here, you guy's should check out our page.
  • Hexmag
    From one of our dealers, Mag Grips www.maggrips.com check them out!
  • Hexmag
    A little something we're working on...
  • Hexmag
    We're doing a GAW for memorial day, and as much as we hate to tell to you check out FB that is where were doing the contest, for now!  Thanks for your support of us and of Gun District!!!!!
    Hexmag - Mobile Uploads | Facebook
  • Hexmag
    This is a cool custom rifle that @tacticallink (on IG) has for sale, includes a Hexmag when it ships!
    Limited Edition Costa Ludus Enhanced / War Sport 5.56 Carbine | Tactical Link
  • Hexmag
    We've updated our website, we have some B-A crispy images to drool over and new content coming soon!!!
    Grip Tape  |  Hexmag
  • Hexmag
    Chris Costa's Beard!  Jumping out of a plane with a @warsport rifle!
  • Hexmag
    pretty cool photo from a customer, although I don't recall who, darn it.
  • Hexmag
    From the upcoming Lantac video!  We can't wait to see this one!  The last one was awesome!
  • Hexmag
    Another photo from Danny at RSR Steel Targets featuring Gcode Holsters Scorpion magazines carriers.
  • Hexmag
    From our friends over at GCode Holsters and pictured by our buddy Danny at RSR Steel Targets!
  • Hexmag
    A photo from our friend Danny at https://www.rsrsteeltargets.com/  />

    From IG:  @rsrsteel  - These  @hexmag  s look great hand gilded by  @sullivananlyanart  .
  • Hexmag
    Strange weather this weekend!
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    • Hexmag LLC
      Randall Dickerson Mammatus clouds
      • November 7, 2015